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ELBJAZZ excitement is going into overdrive today as advance tickets for our next festival on 4 + 5 June 2021 go on sale! It’s worth getting a move on because the first 11,000 proud ticketholders can reserve a seat for one of the concerts in the Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall. Click here to visit the ticket shop!

If you’re a music fan, the impressive line-up will get you sitting on the edge of your seat and get your dancing muscles warmed up all by itself! So set course (mentally!) now for the Port of Hamburg.


The Swede Nils Landgren (photo) is a trombone virtuoso, crowd favourite and all-round nice guy: he and his Funk Unit join us with a new album to present! Our legs are still buzzing from his last ELBJAZZ performances.

The Notwist stand for maximum unpredictability. Anything can happen when the Bavarians perform: indie-rock, noise jazz, kraut, minimal music or electronic pop. The Notwist are sophisticated but never overly intellectual, catchy but never trying too hard to please – and they are very danceable. An amazing band. Promise!

This orchestra has been unstoppable ever since the TV series Babylon Berlin became a hit: the Moka Efti Orchestra gets everyone on the dancefloor and takes ELBJAZZ away to an intoxicating Berlin swing party in Golden Twenties style.

At the age of 82, Archie Shepp is one of the most influential legends in jazz history. He has shared the stage with musicians such as John Coltrane and Don Cherry, and he played a leading role in shaping jazz tradition and the free-jazz era. We are proud that the American saxophonist and his quartet will be giving one of their rare European performances at ELBJAZZ.

Who actually invented jazz? We have to admit, we don’t know either: but the double bass player Ron Carter is one of the musicians who – along with Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard and Herbie Hancock – played a major role in shaping its development. Her concerts are thrilling and euphoric, and she describes herself as an “energy bundle and entertainer”:

China Moses brings her danceable blend of jazz, soul and R’n’B to the port for the top slot.

We are receiving a very promising visitor from London: the young singer Zara McFarlane and her ensemble will be following in the footsteps of jazz singers such as Billie Holiday. And also joining us from across the pond: pianist Matthew Whitaker, the 18-year-old rising star of the American jazz scene, and his quartet.

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