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Normally, jazz artists don’t sell ten million albums in their careers. Jamie Cullum has managed to do so and has become the most successful jazz musician in Great Britain. He’s not sitting decorously behind his grand piano but rather likes to use this black monster as a gym apparatus and a take-off board for long jumps towards centre stage.

From the first ELBJAZZ on the NDR Bigband has been one of those programme items which are a safe choice. Once and again the big band has surprised with unusual projects or has presented international jazz heroes. At next year’s festival it will be Randy Brecker. It will be a varied show of the trumpeters work.

The six-strong Altin Gün (“Golden Day”) ensemble describes their music as “Turkish psych folk from Amsterdam”. Their 2018 debut album "Onis a demonstration of what happens when traditional Turkish songs enter into a dirty – you could say almost forbidden – alliance with funk rhythms, wah wah guitars and analogue retro organs.

The collective Kokoroko plays a raw yet profoundly soulful version of Afrobeat, as forged by Fela Kuti. Their speciality is “soul-shaking” horns, which – with west-African rhythms and London jazz grooves – always prompt an ecstatic response from audiences. Also: Kokoroko’s brass ensemble is all-female.

TOYTOY refuse to be pinned down to a single genre: laid-back rock meets smooth funk and tight jazz. They play “Bambule” by Beginner. 20 years after this Hamburg hip hop classic was first released, TOYTOY transfer the album to their very own instrumental jazz domain – including vocal features.

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