Florian Seidel

Web Web

Germany Jazz

It’s not necessarily about perfection, asking the four members of Web Web. "We do miss the style of playing from 50 years ago. It was all about spontaneous improvisational moments, notes coming off the arrangement. Just get together playing to see what outcome it’s going to be", bassist Christian von Kaphengst says about their approach. The band, who wants to revive the spiritual jazz of the 70ies, along with von Kaphengst consists of saxophonist Tony Lakatos, pianist Robert Di Gioia and drummer Peter Gall. The four have already recorded their debut album. It is called "Oracle", being released on Compost which is a label rather famous for lounge music and trip-hop.

The quartet of old hands play kind of unexpected messy grooves, they love the free flying spirit of bebop, without ever letting their improvisations escalate into infinite territory. "The music needs to breathe intensively. It has to be dynamic and impulsive", Di Gioia explains the idea of the quartet, which was initiated by him. Sounds like an exciting project, full of energy, lust for playing and a lot of soul.

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