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Tower of Power

United States of America Funk, Soul

Emilio Castillo was not even 18 when he formed Tower of Power, the band that would shape his life from that point on. The saxophonist is only one of the influential figures in the ten-strong US soul group from California. For decades, bass and percussion have formed a rhythm section, whose cleverly syncopated grooves are unique around the world. Hobby musicians will be smacking their lips with appreciation, and everyone else will also be getting plenty of bang for their buck.

Tower of Power, with their brilliantly arranged brass movements, are so funky and danceable, it’s hard to believe that the band celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018. Insofar, it’s no disadvantage that the funk-soul-pop veterans have already worn through a dozen lead singers. Emilio Castillo says: “We’ve changed singers and musicians so often that fans now look forward to the next ones.”

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