Tingvall Trio


According to one newspaper, Martin Tingvall’s song-writing sounds as if someone had subjected an Elton John song to the soul-jazz treatment. The mixture of melancholy and power is a hallmark of the cheerful Swede’s music. Tingvall has been living in Hamburg since 1999. Just a few years later, the pianist formed the Tingvall Trio – which is one of the most successful German jazz bands today. Drummer Jürgen Spiegel and bassist Omar Rodriguez Calvo complete the trio, and their albums regularly reach the top of the jazz charts. At ELBJAZZ, the three musicians perform songs from the forthcoming album Birds for the first time. The bandleader, who has also composed for Udo Lindenberg, loves performing live: “No matter what you’re playing, what you’re looking for is magic. Those moments in which your mind stops. When you do that with good friends, and share these moments with an audience – it’s indescribable.”