Phil Siemers

Jazz Pop

Some gentle beats on the cymbals with a brush, a piano slightly dimmed and a tenderly plucked bass, for Phil Siemers that’s often enough as a basis for his songs. When he performs without a band the 25-year-old from Hamburg accompanies himself on the acoustic guitar.

Siemers writes pop songs which are primed with jazz. It resembles Max Mutzke who has successfully achieved this goal over the past years. A very good example of Siemers’s way of phrasing is “Wenn du bei mir bist”. His voice contains a lot of soul but also full clarity. Siemers is not someone whose voice tends to break but someone who sings his songs in a comfortably crisp way. He possesses a natural instinct for melodies and rhythms and his songs contain a particular suspense. The young singer follows his very own style with his personal jazz-pop-sound. It’s high time to discover him.