Pelican Crossing

Jazz Crossover Jazz

The brand-new quartet Pelican Crossing is made up of prominent musicians from the Hamburg scene. The fresh band sound is carried by the Scottish double bass player Roz MacDonald, who divides her time between Hamburg and Berlin and who is well-known in both cities for her warm tone. She is rhythmically seconded by Brazilian percussionist Rafa Müller, whose dynamic yet spiritually meditative playing can also be experienced in his own quintet. Müller also plays in the quartet of the guitarist with Iranian roots Pouya Abdi, who with a fondness for odd meters also plays with Pelican Crossing. The pianist and singer Sophia Oster had already performed with jazz stars such as Nils Landgren before her own quintet had released its debut album Jubilation. The line-up’s cultural diversity not only guarantees an exciting mix of influences, but also shows Hamburg as a real melting pot of nations in which something new and unique emerges.