HfMT Bigband feat. Erik van Lier

Jazz Big Band

Peter Herbolzheimer was one of the major big band leaders of the 20th century. As a trombonist, arranger and composer, he worked for Udo Lindenberg’s Panik Orchestra and numerous jazz greats. Now, Dutch bandleader Erik van Lier is paying his respects to the Cologne native, who died in 2010. Van Lier himself played under Herbolzheimer and was bass trombonist in the legendary Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Big Band. Van Lier headed the big band of the Amsterdam Conservatory for more than 40 years. And thanks to that, he knows exactly how to coax fire and playfulness out of a group as talented as the HfMT big band. This “Tribute to Peter Herbolzheimer” has it all.