Fabrizio Cammarata


“A beautiful examination of love’s lost corridors,” says Drowned in Sound about the music of the Sicilian singer-songwriter, who names as his inspiration musicians such as Leonard Cohen, as well as the poetry of Federico García Lorca and Wim Wenders’s road movies. Fabrizio Cammarata is a tireless traveller and seeker who sings about emotional encounters of various kinds. His 2011 solo debut Rooms was produced by J.D. Foster, Marc Ribot’s producer. Since then, he has also released a soul album and has engaged extensively with traditional Mexican songs, culminating in a stage production combining music, storytelling and Sicilian and Mexican marionettes. The last two releases by the sharp-eyed and sensitive observer of everyday life – who is now widely regarded as one of the leading representatives of Italy’s alternative music scene – are dedicated to light and its absence. A new album is expected in November.