DOMi & JD Beck


Is it really true that Domitille Degall, aka DOMi, is the youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics? Probably not! Far more believable is the story that the keyboardist gave her first performance with drummer JD Beck at Erykah Badu’s birthday party. Because just as Badu was the future of R&B 25 years ago, DOMi & JD BECK are now making a promise to the world of jazz: you haven’t heard the last of us. And not just in jazz-rock circles either. As teenagers, the two gained fame with madly virtuosic short videos on YouTube in which they mixed a million genres. Believe the hype: before long, Thundercat wanted to jam with them, and a certain Herbie Hancock appeared on their ironically titled debut Not Tight. The French keyboardist and the American drummer delight critics around the world, with the Süddeutsche Zeitung praising their “nervous sci-fi comic hip-hop fusion groove”.