CMQ Big Band plays Beny Moré

Big Band Afro-Cuban Jazz

To attend this Elbphilharmonie concert, reservations must be made in advance.

Beny Moré can be considered the most important and most popular singer and interpreter of son, mambo and bolero in Cuba. At his funeral in Havanna 1963, about 100,000 attendees came – at a time when dance music was a stately despised affair on the Caribbean island. Notes or scores from the fifties and the sixties don’t exist anymore.

Meanwhile a young Cuban pianist, relocated to Madrid, has committed himself to preserve the legacy of Beny Moré. Luis Guerra (34) has contemplated about many compositions from Banda Gigante, the name of Moré’s band, to rearrange them as complete orchestra scores. After their transcription Guerra has founded the CMQ Bigband, which exclusively plays Moré tracks. At Madrid’s jazz club Bogui in 2013 they premiered as a 17-member ensemble. The big band consists of a line-up of highly talented young Cuban and Spanish musicians. Guerra himself is considered one of the best jazz pianists in Spain. At ELBJAZZ CMQ Bigband celebrates its German premiere. Featuring all those prominent and well-known songs of Beny Moré, CMQ Bigband is something like a Buena Vista Social Club of the younger Cuban generation.