Adi Oasis

Funk Soul

A new generation of female artists is strutting confidently (and stylishly) in the footsteps of the grandes dames of nu-soul that broke fresh ground a quarter of a century ago. One member of this generation is the Franco-Caribbean singer, bassist and producer Adi Oasis, who will be familiar to many as Adeline, the frontwoman of the band Escort. On Lotus Glow, her debut as Adi Oasis, the Paris-born, New York-based musician fuses warm (neo-)soul with R&B and funk to create a retro-futuristic signature sound that fizzes luxuriously in your ears. Free-flowing melodies paired with milk-and-honey vocals and laid-back grooves immerse every scene created by Oasis in a sensuous and elegant hue. She manages to make even the most mundane topic appear in a romantic light, including the subject of ovulation on her latest single “Multiply”, where she sings: “You make me wanna multiply.” And when she asks her “Baby”, “is it her or is it me”, it’s never from a place of despair, but always from a position of strength.