Melanie De Biasio

Jazz Soul
© Jerome Witz
© Jerome Witz

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“I treasure the dark,” says Melanie De Biasio. “It allows me to set my imagination free.” The power of this exceptional artist is rooted in darkness. As a child she did ballet, played the flute in a youth orchestra and let off steam in a rock and punk band. But the singer from Charleroi, Belgium, only found her true voice with her critically acclaimed album No Dealin 2013.

Since then, De Biasio has continued to refine her minimalist, pitch-dark jazz. She is no stranger to blues, soul, gospel or subtle electronic influences. The press has been full of praise: “It’s as if Billie Holiday was singing in Portishead.” The Belgian singer purrs, whispers and laments; with her quartet she develops a hypnotic jazz noir, the like of which you will hear nowhere else. What does Melanie de Biasio say herself? “In the blackness you’ll find all colours.”