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Jan Garbarek Group

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Jan Garbarek Group
feat. Trilok Gurtu

In 1961, listening to John Coltrane on the radio, 14-year-old Jan Garbarek decided to become a saxophonist. After this key moment, the teenager taught himself to play the saxophone and only five years later, he appeared at the renowned Molde Festival with his band. Ever since, the saxophonist has developed into one of the most important European voices in jazz music.

His German producer Manfred Eicher from the label ECM once described Garbarek’s style as “ascetic sound“. The Norwegian loves the slow pace. He tries to give every note special attendance and meaning. Thus, he developed his own sound cosmos and his unique style. His melodies often rely on the vocals and also draw upon Norwegian folklore. “The human voice is my ideal“, he says. In the mid 90s, Garbarek stepped out of the jazz context, when he collaborated with the British Hilliard Ensemble. His saxophon became the vocal group’s fifth voice. Garbarek’s sound is as pure as the water of a Norwegian fjord. The intensity of his play makes him an extraordinary character in music. Garbarek is pure magic.

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