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Gregory Porter & Band

Gregory Porter & Band
feat. Kaiser Quartett

He’s one of the brightest stars in the sky of jazz. You quickly run out of superlatives when describing his concerts. And he is one of the most creative artists, always looking for new challenges. At Elbjazz the California-based singer will play an exclusive concert with his band and the Kaiser Quartett. The string quartet has among others worked together with piano player Chilly Gonzales. The Kaiser Quartett will complement Porter’s band and add a completely new and extraordinary tone colour to his songs.

Since Al Jarreaus rocketed in the 70’s, there has been no other jazz musician quite so remarkable as the heavy-weight singer with his baker’s boy cap. Porter released his debut album “Water” at the age of 39 - quite late, but worth the wait: He was nominated for a Grammy award right away. So far he has released three more outstanding albums. On this year’s “Take Me To The Alley” he interprets wonderful ballads. And he again is nominated for a Grammy award.

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